Adaura Cayford

Adaura Cayford's Tribute Page

Adaura Rejean Cayford . She came into this world like fireworks and already had a story to tell. Weighing just over 7 lbs, she completed our family! July 26, 2010 is your birthday and will always be your special day sweetheart. It’s so hard to put your 9 years into words, you were everything to us. We were so proud to have you. Right from the beginning, you showed us how strong you were. From fighting for your life just to meet us, to proudly following in your sister’s footsteps, to wanting to grow so fast, to climbing trees, dancing and scoring points in soccer. You are our warrior. You were always our little diplomat. You showed us to never give up even when fear wants to take over!! Adaura was a happy child who had a loving soul and was wise beyond her years. She had this energy about her that just attracted everyone. It could have been her beautiful red hair or her cute freckles, her sassy grin, or so many other amazing qualities in such a little girl. Our lives were perfect some might say, then August 24 2019, that changed that forever! Our family stopped! We watched our baby girl and little sister struggle through what we learned was a monster growing inside of her brain. Adaura never stood a chance. DIPG took away one of the most important parts of our heart in just 11 months. A young girl, a beautiful daughter, a passionate sister, a sweet granddaughter, a fun cousin, a special niece, and a best friend. Through everything, Adaura remained positive, fought with such a grace, and taught the world to stay brave. She always cared about how we were doing, always putting aside her own fears and pain. DIPG may have taken her from us, but it didn’t win. Honey, you taught us to never give up and to never stop fighting. To our beautiful Adaura, we will forever cherish our time we had with you, and we promise we will continue to say your name every day and tell your stories to everyone. We love you so much our little PounDoun. Until we meet again.

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